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Frequently Asked Questions


How can we get Login Access?
How can I change Password? / (forget Password option)
Do we need Login access to download document/report?
How many type of report can be generated from NWASH Functionality &Sustainability component?
Can we edit Water supply system Inventory and WSUC data?
Do I need Login access to download report?
Is this NWASH MIS real-time database system?
How can NWASH website visitors view F&S reports without login access?
Can we update the data in this system?
What is meant by geospatial data?
Is Disaster risk assessment being done in this system?
Is Project Code for Water supply system government approved code?
Are functionality and Sustainability scoring Indicators approved by MoWS?
Can we get operational guidelines to use NWASH system?
Can we edit F&S report of Water Supply system from system?
Is WaSH Plan report generated automatically based on data uploaded in system?
Can we download WaSH plan report in both English and Nepali format?
Can we edit/modify report of WASH plan in the system?
How can we work on WaSH Planning using NWASH dashboard?
Do we prepare WaSH plan based on budget or allocate the budget based on prepared WaSH plan?
Do we need to identify reference and rate for WaSH plan by ourselves?
If we require additional materails or techincal support to operate NWASH Application, where can we contact?


Should an enumerator have to collect the data of institutions/public toilet that is out of operation during the time of survey?
From which app is tubewell data collected?
What are the application used for Wash Data collection?
Can we get Link for NWASH application in Google play store?
Is project code for Functionality and Sustainability status survey provided to enumerators or do they have to create it themself?
Details about device compatible to use NWASH application?
How many applications are developed under NWASH module?
What is meant by unique code in WaSH Plan application?
Do we have to collect all structure and taps data of any Water supply system for Inventory report?
Can we recollect a water supply system structure info/data if it is not collected/missed?
Can we collect data/conduct survey offline?
Is NWASH application available for ios/apple device?
Can we collect large project data from multiple android device using same project code?
Can surveyed project from inventory app be exported without internet connection?
How to update change of Functionality /Sustainability status of project in NWASH system?
Do we need to collect all household data for WaSH plan or the percentage is specified?
Can we get prepared guidelines/manuals for data collection?